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yukon run but yukon tied

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This is eruanne_grace's icon journal. I make icons in all sorts of fandoms and subjects. I don't actually make icons terribly often, because college is busy and stuff, but the mood strikes me every now and then.

This journal is not friends only, so feel free to add me; no need to ask.

I do not usually take requests, unless I specifically say I am. You may ask for custom text on an icon in a specific post, although the bases are nearly always provided, so you're welcome to do it yourself.

+ don't bother trying to hotlink.
+ if it's labeled as a base, you can customize it. if not, don't.
+ please comment when you take something.
+ credit eruanne_grace or yukon_icons.
+ don't post these on another site without asking.
+ you can use them on GJ, etc, but put @LJ after your credit.
+ do not take and claim as yours.

I make all kinds of icons, but my favorite fandoms are:

+ final fantasy/kingdom hearts
+ the beatles
+ harry potter
+ books (picture books, fantasy, etc.)
+ classic movies
+ art

quebelly / teh_indy / minttea / crushedviolet / kryssibug / dtissagirl / lily_blossoms